Top Tips to be sure your Travel Specialist Delivers the ultimate Vacation

Define your trip goals first and foremost. The more detailed you describe your travel needs, the easier your specialist can meet them.
Ask your travel specialist if they have been to the destination before you book your trip. Even if they booked something for you before, if they have not been there, they cannot possible give you the details you need to make your vacation wonderful.
Schedule time to meet your specialist face to face or talk at length on the phone. The planning process if very important and more than one conversation are needed to get the details perfect.
Get to know your specialist and be sure you allow them time to get to know you. They will ask so many questions you will think they are writing a book but honestly, in order to perform magic, they need to know your past likes and dislikes, problems you have faced, eating habits, special needs, etc.
If there is anything you dislike, speak up. The specialist cannot read your mind, and if you don’t want a strenuous tour of fifty sites in one day with a private guide, they need to know that. What is exciting to you could be a walk on the beach and pool chair to sleep in for two days.
I know I always hate to ask about a budget to soon, but keep in mind, everyone might like to stay at the Taj Mahal in every country, but most budgets in this economy just cannot afford it.
Be sure your specialist emails your the outline and goals of the trip. Review your dates, times, tours, hotels, cars, flights, just to be sure you didn’t make and error and hopefully neither did they.
Be prepared to pay a planning fee. Many specialists don’t charge one, but if you chase the elusive internet special for the same place they have spent hours researching for you and suddenly tell them you no longer need there services, it is not fair to have wasted there precious time with out first asking them why they couldn’t get the rate too, and second giving them a chance to make things right for you. But if you do cancel be prepared to pay the 200.00 feel. It is only right.
Ask your specialist to itemize the trip for you. Keep in mind that not all vendors break the costs down. And if they don’t then you should ask your specialist the added value you gain by using them instead of booking all 16 pieces of your trip on line one by one?
Lastly, if you are traveling to a destination where language is a barrier, it makes sense to confirm a guide and convey your agenda to them personally. Your specialist should be able to supply you with guides to use at any destination, and help you with the details. But what is good for the specialist might now be fun for you. So be sure to revise and discuss your personal needs with your guide who can make or break your journey.
All in all your specialist is your friend, confidant, banker, planner and clergyman. If you wait till you get home and two weeks later decide to tell them, all the hinges that could have been better, or that you had a problem but didn’t tell any one, you benefit now one. You have to let them know you need assistance and let them take care of you immediately.
Fun travels and Bon Voyage
Maryella Blundo
Dream Come True Travel

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Destination wedding tips:

Destination Weddings:

Settings must be sunning, accommodations luxuriously sensuous, dining and parties magically memorable.


Should feature if not all inclusive, and elegant spa complete with bridal suites, couples massage rooms,a dn full service salons for the bride and groom to be pampered.

Dining Desires:

Mingle at multiple bars and lounges, gourmet restaurant’s, and romantic beach side candlelight dinners.


Couples should try to indulge in a suite, with private terrace,  panoramic views, 24 hour concierge service, club floor and private jacuzzi’.

On the big day:

Elegant gazebos, magnificent ballroom with ocean view or beach side reception are some of the most romantic settings to say “I do”.  Your travel consultant and on-site wedding planner will make it special and keep it special all day through.

Extra touches:

Personalize the event with a webcam, broadcasting the wedding live from vow to vow and party ending the most romantic magical day of your life!

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The classic Hawaii Honeymoon alone or family style.

The Classic Hawaii Honeymoon!

The islands have managed to remain popular over the decades by offering a wide range of experiences to cater to different tastes.

Modern honeymooners are looking for their own unique niche, and for an experience that matches their own personality.

Your Travel agent qualifies your tastes with typical questions:  “Do they want city lights and nightlife? You can get anything you need in Oahu—shows, dinners, or they can just stay in at their resorts.”

If you prefer action and activity, try hiking the Napali coastline on Kauai,

For romance, Maui is complied with action, adventure, white beaches—and a great nightlife!

Hotels and resort for honeymooners come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. For our travelers wanting to keep up with or use there points, try a  Starwood, Outrigger, Hilton or Hyatt property, which provide great, special amenities for honeymooners.

The ideal honeymoon is totally up to the couple. “Hiking, ziplining, spa treatments, Bike rides, and plain on sun and fun is captive on these beautiful islands for your enjoyment. 

Want a private yacht your travel planner will have the connections to make it perfect for you.

Honeymooning couples tend to want to handpick or custom-build their vacation, and to seek the exclusive amenities that make a honeymoon special.

Maui is the most popular desitnation for honeymoons, followed by Kauai and the Big Island. The big Island of Hawaii being one of the more adventurous for the more active honeymooner.

Maui offers  Iao Valley State Park to see the Iao Needle, a 2,250-foot rock pinnacle. Then Lahaina, “my favorite” for shopping and cute storefronts and visit the 60-foot-tall banyan tree. Take a snorkeling boat trip to Molokini Island for diving or snorkeling. And of course  the Road to Hana and the Seven Sacred Pools are a must see for the first time Maui travler.  Last but not least drive up to the Haleakala National Park watch the sun rise. It is cold and daring and you have to be up at the crack of dawn with a jacket and some internal warth, and be ready for the view and a daring experience.

Taking the family along for the experience!

First honeymoons for couples with young children and no babysitters,  a “second honeymoon with their family. Activities abound  for every age range, suites, villas, and conneting rooms to make you comforatable, so even the kiddies have extra space. And what about the Nanny?

Space and more than just a chair in the conner of the room to flop on at the end of a busy day is a much need for a long vacation. My favorite is Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui, offerining, rooms, suites and Villas.  Condo properties at the Honua Kai on Maui, the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu and the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island. It’s very family-oriented, but you can get a suite for the honeymoon couple. That’s great for blended families.” Waimea Plantation Cottages on Kauai, an authentic plantation with traditional bungalows as well as larger houses that can be booked out for a group.

Skip the crowds or blend right in to them, but make it special!

And you yes, how could I forget, a trip to lanai while the kids are with the nanny or the grand parents, steal away for a private sale to Lani and deserted white sand beaches.

It doesn’t get better than that!

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An Inside Look

Jared here , Maryella’s intern writing for unfortunately my last time. Overall, my experience has been great I could not have asked for more from Maryella as a supervisor. What I learned most here during my time is that your travel agents really do care about their clients. I saw first hand how passionate Maryella is about taking care of her clients and meeting their travel needs. For those who think what she does is easy, I will strongly have to disagree with you. I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity and will continue to assit Maryella behind the scenes. If any of you ever need travel assistance you have my word that Maryella will give her all to make sure you have a painless, stressless and enjoyable experience .

Until next time, take it easy.

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Step Ahead of the Game

Would you like to be the smartest traveler in the airport?

A recent study has shown that passengers who use mobile applications on their smartphones receive crucial travel information faster than the employees at the airport. One customer said he was already at the new gate of his flight before the desk attendent even knew the flight gate had been changed. The reason? Well when information on flights such as gates or times are changed the mobile application automatically sends the information to its users. While on the other hand employees are usually involved in other tasks so it may take up to as many as five minutes to see the new information, then relay it to customers.

Other mobile apps even let you scan your boarding pass from your phone, give you games to play in the airport and tell you which places are the best to eat. So if you want to be the smartest traveler I strongly suggest getting some of these mobile applications.

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The next generation…

I read a very interesting article the other day about who the next generation of travel agents are going to be. And I got to tell you, it definitely blew my mind. I mean I have been in the business for thirty years and have seen about everything and I have to say these up coming agents may be my biggest challenge to date.

For one, I think the biggest change will be the amount of time spent in the office. I know that at my office I am usually one of the last ones to go and the main reason is that it is hard to do work outside of the office. I mean, yes, I do have my lap top at home where I can help clients. But if I am not home or on the road then what do I do? Well now a days with all these smart phones if a new agent can master the art of using one then, in all honesty they don’t even have to be in an office. They will have everything they need at their disposal where ever and whenever, twenty-four seven.

While I am not bitter towards the new generation of agents, I just see it as the evolution of my career. Do I see my self changing? Maybe, it all depends if the new generation is more successful than me with their methods. But for now I’ll stick to what I know.

For the complete article:

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Ways to Save When You Tie the Knot

When choosing a destination consider…

    • Fly direct
    • Stay stateside
    • Investigate resources
    • Shop local

When selecting a venue consider…

    • Size up the view
    • Go public
    • Double up

When picking a planner…

    • Opt for a package
    • Don’t limit yourselves
    • Ask about experiences

For more tips and details contact your expert here at Dream Come True Travel.


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