Active God Related Incident

Recently I experienced some trouble because of an unexpected weather issue and severe miscommunication. I had a client flying home from the Middle East when an unexpected wind storm delayed his flight. Well instead of contacting me, he contacted an Emergency Travel Agent, who did not know his situation well or his restrictions. To make a long story short by the time I was awakened from my sleep at 1130 PM the emergency agent had already booked him a flight that would require him to pay $1600 dollars more.

Because this was an “act of god” storm the Airline is unwilling to refund the price difference and I am left to pick up the broken pieces. This problem could have been avoided in a few ways:

1. Know your ticket travel restrictions as a traveler.

2. Always have your travel agents cell phone number.

Remember mother nature doesn’t have a set schedule. It could be April or December but unexpected weather could hit anytime, anywhere in the world. So always be prepared!


About mblundo

My name is Maryella Blundo, the creator and CEO of Dream Come True Travel.
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