Before you travel…

So not only is it tax season but it also is the beginning of spring, so naturally we all are going to start thinking of our next vacation ideas. But there are many things to consider before you actually follow through with your ideas. Below we’ve compiled what we think are the ten most important things to do before you book your next itinerary.

1. Set a final budget of the money you are willing to spend before you even make the plans. While you may be surprised in a bad way at least you will not burden yourself financially.

2. Realistically set a time period of when you’d like to travel. While we all wish to stay in Bermuda for a month, 99.9% of us can not afford it.

3. Also if you are only going somewhere for a week make sure you pick a practical location. For example if you have five days to travel, picking somewhere that will require 18 hours of flights both ways is probably not the best idea.

4. Make sure that all appropriate identification is up to date like passports or drivers license. If not, make sure to renew it as soon as possible.

5. Be flexible on dates. We all want to go to Florida in April but you may save a ton of money by going in January.

6. If you can’t change your dates of travel or budget limit than be willing to shorten your stay.

7. When you receive a deal from an airline or hotel make sure to read the fine print! Some specials have expiration dates or age limits.

8. Before financially committing to a trip make sure to research what’s going on at a certain location. For example traveling to the Middle East or parts of Japan right now would not be worth the money.

9. When you state a budget make sure you take into account spending money. Many people plan for the flights and hotels but not food or shopping.

10. Last and most importantly do your own research on what your itinerary says. While your best friend may have loved an African safari doesn’t mean that you will enjoy the same trip.

Hopes these tips are useful and please feel free to ask questions!


About mblundo

My name is Maryella Blundo, the creator and CEO of Dream Come True Travel.
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