The next generation…

I read a very interesting article the other day about who the next generation of travel agents are going to be. And I got to tell you, it definitely blew my mind. I mean I have been in the business for thirty years and have seen about everything and I have to say these up coming agents may be my biggest challenge to date.

For one, I think the biggest change will be the amount of time spent in the office. I know that at my office I am usually one of the last ones to go and the main reason is that it is hard to do work outside of the office. I mean, yes, I do have my lap top at home where I can help clients. But if I am not home or on the road then what do I do? Well now a days with all these smart phones if a new agent can master the art of using one then, in all honesty they don’t even have to be in an office. They will have everything they need at their disposal where ever and whenever, twenty-four seven.

While I am not bitter towards the new generation of agents, I just see it as the evolution of my career. Do I see my self changing? Maybe, it all depends if the new generation is more successful than me with their methods. But for now I’ll stick to what I know.

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